[Pdns-announce] Logging of the process actions? (Windows)

MRJ InfoTech Admin admin at mrjdesign.net
Sun Dec 18 11:45:33 UTC 2005

I am sitting here reading up on the manual. (That Spanish guy you refer to 

All the logging options refer to the daemon.
Now, Dae-mon would be a Japanese guy living primarily in the Unix paradise 
I assume.

We don't have that on Windows, and I am wondering if there is a way to add 
a syslog.conf to windows without making the machine freak out again.
I added a syslog.conf, although blank and it resulted in the pdns.exe not 
wanting to start (of-course) so it's surely looking for something there.

Anyway, if there is a way to write simple logs, or if you can tell me where 
the log files are stored, I would like to know too.
Thanks for a great little application. I will surely promote this thing in 
a very near future (as soon I understand whats happening in it a bit better).


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