[dnsdist] setDOHLocal/setTLSLocal?

Nejedlo, Mark Mark.Nejedlo at tdstelecom.com
Fri May 1 19:47:22 UTC 2020

From: Pieter Lexis via dnsdist
> On 5/1/20 5:56 PM, Nejedlo, Mark via dnsdist wrote:
> >> From: Pieter Lexis via dnsdist
> >> On 5/1/20 5:23 PM, Nejedlo, Mark via dnsdist wrote:
> > I did read the docs.  addXXXLocal is not equivalent to setLocal.
> > Specifically, the config reference page specifies addLocal, addDOHLocal,
> > addTLSLocal, and setLocal in the Listen Sockets section but not
> > setDOHLocal or setTLSLocal.  The pages you referenced are silent on
> > setXXXLocal as well.  I simply wanted to find out if this was a
> > documentation defect or if I needed to file a feature request.
> Ah, I didn't properly read that. There is no setXXXLocal indeed. I
> believe it was decided to not have them because listen addresses cannot
> be added at runtime anyway. But feel free to open an issue on GitHub if
> you have a good reason for these functions to exist.

If I'm reading this correctly, you are saying that you have to restart the daemon if you want to add or remove listening IP addresses?  That's unfortunate since my use case was specifically to add (and remove) listening IPs without a restart.

Did the zero drop restart feature (as hinted at in github issue #6249) ever get implemented?  I didn't see anything like that in a very quick scan of the changelog.


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