[dnsdist] minTLSVersion Testing

Brian Sullivan brian.sullivan at lookout.com
Wed Sep 4 16:48:25 UTC 2019

Hi All,

Works great! Thanks for putting this in 1.4!

There is one minor issue ... the documentation is incorrect.

minTLSVersion: str - Minimum version of the TLS protocol to support.
Possible values are ‘tls-1.0’, ‘tls-1.1’, ‘tls-1.2’ and ‘tls-1.3’.

The strings should not have the dash in them.

  static const std::map<LibsslTLSVersion, std::string> versions = {
    { LibsslTLSVersion::TLS10, "tls1.0" },
    { LibsslTLSVersion::TLS11, "tls1.1" },
    { LibsslTLSVersion::TLS12, "tls1.2" },
    { LibsslTLSVersion::TLS13, "tls1.3" }


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