[dnsdist] rcode refused query direction

David opendak at shaw.ca
Wed Oct 16 17:02:13 UTC 2019

On 2019-10-16 10:57 a.m., Nemanja Zeljkovic wrote:
> Hello,
> I’m trying to direct queries based on the response from the “default”
> server. Basically what I’m trying to accomplish is if this server doesn’t
> know about this domain, try a second one. By default  that would be
> checking for dnsdist.REFUSED since it would be trying to recurse, and the
> NSs are configured not to recurse. I have one default server
> with leastOutstanding, and one server in a pool which would be used as the
> second one.

You cannot redirect a query based on a response action.

> I assumed something simple as:
> addAction(RCodeRule(dnsdist.REFUSED), PoolAction("ph”))

You are probably looking to do a response action here, but you still 
can't use it for that either.

> and it didn’t complain:
>> showRules()
> #     Matches Rule
> Action
> 0           0 rcode==Query Refused                                     to
> pool ph
> would redirect the query to pool “ph”, but all I see is queries are
> executed on the main NS (counter keeps increasing), and I get a REFUSED
> back which would also mean it never contacted server in pool “ph” since it
> knows about the domain.
> Am I asking too much from dnsdist, or have wrong expectations with
> addAction?
> Thanks!
> Nemanja
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