[dnsdist] dnsdist 1.4 and Debian Buster

Chris lists+pdns at gbe0.com
Wed Aug 7 12:57:00 UTC 2019

Hi Remi,

On 7/08/2019 5:57 pm, Remi Gacogne wrote:
> Thanks for reporting this. As far as I can remember it's the first time
> I hear about this kind of issue. Stracing (strace -f -p <pid of
> dnsdist>) the process for a few seconds when the problem occurs might be
> a good start, attaching a debugger (gdb -p <pid of dnsdist>) then
> getting a backtrace of all threads (thread apply all bt full) would be
> even better.

A strace and backtrace is available here:


> Would you also be able to check whether you have some metrics still
> increasing when the problem arises using the console and 'showBinds()',
> 'showServers()' and 'dumpStats()'?

When the issue occurs the metrics do not change if I send UDP queries; 
if I sent TCP queries the metrics increase as expected.

> It's not clear to me from your message whether going back to 1.3.x fixes
> the issue, could you clarify that?

Sorry, I did not try 1.3.x on Debian Buster, I would need to build 
packages for that as there is a conflict that prevents installation of 
the Stretch package.

> The only related issue I can think of involves the network environment
> being altered under dnsdist's feet, see [1].

The network config shouldn't be changing (IPv6 is used and the link 
local addresses are stable too).


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