[dnsdist] dnsdist and protobuf support for DnstapLogAction

Daniel Stirnimann daniel.stirnimann at switch.ch
Thu Jun 28 08:22:08 UTC 2018

Hello Daniel

On 06/27/2018 03:23 PM, Ambauen  Daniel (ID NET) wrote:
> does anybody know if the dnsdist version 1.3.x from https://repo.powerdns.com
> is built with protobuf support?

As I happen to know which OS you use, the CentOS 7 rpm is built with protobuf support but without FSTRM support. However, you can still use dnstap with this package. dnsdist supports two dnstap modes (FrameStream and raw dnstap over protobuf):

"Canonically, dnstap is sent over a FrameStream socket, either a local AF_UNIX (see newFrameStreamUnixLogger()) or a TCP/IP socket (see newFrameStreamTcpLogger()). As an extension, dnsdist can send raw dnstap protobuf messages over a newRemoteLogger()."

However, I'm no dnstap expert and cannot say what the advantages/disadvantages of either of these two dnstap modes are.


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