[dnsdist] leastOutstanding - With priority

Chris lists at shthead.net
Fri Jan 6 00:07:37 UTC 2017

On 5/01/2017 5:51 PM, Daniel Stirnimann wrote:
> Hi Chris,
>> - Is it possible to tweak the load balancing policy to take the order
>> into account to do this instead?
> Why not firstAvailable which takes order into account?
> dns1 - active
> dns2 - standby unless dns1 offline or QPS limit reached
> dns-slave - standby unless both dns1 and dns2 are offline or they
> reached their QPS limit
> Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Ideally, I want dns1 and dns2 to take queries always if available and 
never the dns-slave server unless there is no other option as it will be 
serving old data. It would be nice if I could do it in a distributed 
fashion (distributing queries to all up DNS servers EXCEPT the slave) 
due to the number of incoming queries which is nearing the performance 
levels of a single DNS server on occasion. I am planning to add an extra 
pair of servers to the pool so it would be nice if the queries were 
distributed over all 4 of them.

I also plan to add other DNS servers from different regions into the 
same pool with a cost of between the dns1/dns2 servers and dns-slave so 
that they can also be used in the case of dns1/dns2 being down.


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