[dnsdist] Re: Queries limit on dnsdist

remi.gacogne+dnsdist at open-xchange.com remi.gacogne+dnsdist at open-xchange.com
Fri Jan 29 14:20:40 UTC 2016

Hi Federico,

On 01/29/2016 12:14 PM, Federico Olivieri wrote:

> On my server sometimes I get burst of queries that they slow down my
> server. I was wondering if there is any way to apply query limit to dnsdist
> itself. Basically I would like to use dnsdist as "filter" from the Internet
> and my servers. I was thinking to a rule as "accept max 100 queries for
> second. more than 100 drop (or a good idea would be slow them down). I know
> that I can apply the limit to the DNS servers but in this way the burst
> would be propagated from dnsdist to the servers.

Did you have a look at MaxQPSRule() in the README.md? If I am not
mistaken it does exactly what you are looking for:

addAction(MaxQPSRule(100), DropAction())

You should also be able to delay responses for 100 ms with something like:

addDelay(MaxQPSPRule(100), 100)



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