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There is some really great stuff that may seem useful to you, just take a  look, you won't regret. Here it is http://escuelaalexander.com.ar/wp-content/themes/twentythirteen/last.php?0001

See you soon, tt

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Has your country ever done anything wrong?  Yes.  Have they done heinous shit? Probably.  Is it your job to clean up the country  completely  and if you don't do  it in the next  few months should you leave the  country because it's gotten a bad rep?  No.  What can someone do about thousands  or tens or hundreds  of thousands of people claiming to be  feminists but  spewing shit?   Nothing really  other  than say their  piece when  asked  or confronted by  misinformation.  Kinda  like the  other commenter  did.  It's an awful feeling when what you stand for is being twisted and abused by people falsely claiming to be like you but  short of physical force what  can  you do to stop  them?  And each and every one?   You can't.   It's  not  a free pass  and if the organization  is not doing  anything  to help clear  the name then they do start to take  in some of that responsibility.  If  Islamic groups and  leaders don't speak out  against radicals that advocate  suicide bombings and  the like, they aren't clarifying things for the less knowledgable  and aren't defending their group. (Not to  pick on  one group,  just  and example).

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