[Powermail-users] Powermail status

Wim Godden wim at godden.net
Sat Feb 11 01:03:23 CET 2006


We've been experimenting with Powermail, deploying it on several
systems. We have a few questions though :
- What's the status of Powermail ? Is there any chance it will be
developed further in the near future ? The concept is great and it seems
to work nicely.
- I noticed there's powerimap.cc file, as well as imapsession.cc and
imapsession.hh... does this mean there's some kind of IMAP support ?
- We've started getting some errors : "terminate called after throwing
an instance of 'SessionTimeoutException'". It seems both powerpop and
powersmtp fail on this whenever pplistener is restarted. Is this normal
behaviour or is there some problem ?

Just a final note : we'd be more than willing to help out in

Kind regards,


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