[Pdns-users] Lighning Stream LMDB - Encryption ?

Laura Smith n5d9xq3ti233xiyif2vp at protonmail.ch
Thu Sep 7 12:48:49 UTC 2023

PDNS with Lightning Stream LMDB looks like a welcome addition but having briefly glanced over the docs, I cannot see any client-side encryption settings, not even the option to use CMK on S3 blobs.

Are there eventual plans for adding encryption capabilities to Lightning Stream ?

In addition, it would be nice to see the S3 connector be enhanced to support more authentication options such as:

- Use of AWS roles
- Use of AWS Security Token Service (AWS STS)
- Use of X.509 certs (IAM Roles Anywhere)

Whilst there will clearly still be many people out there only using Access Key + Secret Key, environments with a hardened security posture need some extra knobs and dials.


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