[Pdns-users] Yet another PowerDNS secondary cleanup program

Kevin P. Fleming lists.pdns-users at kevin.km6g.us
Sun Jul 2 19:15:43 UTC 2023

On Sun, Jul 2, 2023, at 15:00, William Edwards via Pdns-users wrote:
> I wrote the millionth program to delete zones on secondaries that were 
> removed on the primary. Still I felt it was good to write something 
> myself, because the existing scripts I could find are from a time the 
> PowerDNS API wasn't what it is today (manipulating the database 
> directly) and/or lack automated testing. I hope it's of use to others.
> https://github.com/CyberfusionIO/powerdns-secondary-cleaner

Thankfully with the support of 'catalog zones' in version 4.8 such things are no longer necessary!

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