[Pdns-users] Creating a www CNAME in powerDNS Admin (mysql backend) automatically pointing to @

Andrea Biancalani a.biancalani at conmet.it
Mon Jan 23 08:39:30 UTC 2023

Hello there,

do you know if it is possible with pdns Admin GUI (using mysql backend) 
to create a template that autoinsert a value in fields based on domain name?

It is preatty common to create those records for any new domain name,

E.g. : create new domain name -> foo.bar

This domain, should have SOA, NS, MX records and this is preatty easy 
configurable, but creating default records is not because I can create a 
template containing all those default values and link new domain to this 
template, but how can I insert in that template this values?

> @ IN A
> www IN CNAME @.

the above solution is a non-solution because even if it is not wrong, it 
will not get the same resolution of

> @ IN A
> www IN CNAME *foo.bar*.

so how can I create a functional template to auto add the www record in 
my template based on domain name? Or... can I solve this using an ALIAS 
type or something different?

Thanks for answerers,

Andrea Biancalani - /Rep. Commerciale e Tecnico/
*Connessioni Metropolitane srl*
Via G. Valentini, 14 - Prato (PO) - 59100
Sito web: https://www.conmet.it
Tel. 0574 536553
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