[Pdns-users] Docker image upgrade version issue

Robby Pedrica rpedrica at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 18:51:55 UTC 2023

From: 	Erik Winkels via Pdns-users
To: 	Robby Pedrica via Pdns-users
Reply-To: 	Erik Winkels <erik.winkels at open-xchange.com>
Date: 	Fri, Jan 20 2023 16:49:06 GMT-02:00
Subject: 	[Pdns-users] Docker image upgrade version issue

> Hi Robby,
>> On 01/20/2023 3:55 PM CET Robby Pedrica via Pdns-users 
>> <pdns-users at mailman.powerdns.com> wrote:
>> I've upgraded the pdns-recursor docker image today for the 4.8.0 vuln 
>> recently noted. My version from pdns-recursor is now listed as:
>> Version: PowerDNS recursor
>> This is different from previous where it indicated the actual 
>> version, eg. 4.8.0. Is this expected or an issue?
> This is an expected issue ;-)
> We haven't been able to figure out why our automatic Docker Hub builds 
> get a malformed version number, so every release I build the Docker 
> images by hand and upload them.
> There's usually quite some time between our developers tagging the new 
> releases and me building the Docker images by hand.  In between that 
> time Docker Hub has done an automatic build with the malformed version 
> number already.
> Today I immediately started building the Docker images after Otto 
> tagged rec-4.8.1 and once the build was done I pushed them to Docker 
> Hub.  Apparently after that Docker Hub still did an automated build 
> and we ended up with the malformed version numbers.
> I've pushed the correct Recursor 4.8.1 images again so it should be OK 
> now.
> With kind regards,
> Erik
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Thanks very much Erik,

This is not a big issue but I was initially confused, assumed there was 
a problem my side and thought I would raise it. I will give it some time 
and then pull again.


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