[Pdns-users] Lua Script to block a list of domains and redirect to a block page

Clifford Dsouza clifford at microscan.co.in
Mon Feb 13 06:38:07 UTC 2023


I am using powerdns recursor 4.8.2 and the lua version is Lua 5.1.4

Am trying to achieve the function  to block a list of domains via the below lua script and then redirect the request to a local block page

-- Define new Domain Set
-- Load Domain Set from the file. Format of the file is: 'return {"a.com", "b.com", "a.fb.com"}'
-- blocked_domains:add(dofile("/etc/pdns-recursor/blocked_domains.txt"))
-- define a preresolve() function which gets called by PowerDNS to determine what to do with a domain
 function preresolve(dq)
  -- If we see that a query name is not part of one of the blocked domains,
         -- or the query is not for an IP(v6) address, we return false and the normal resolution process continues.
             if(not blocked_domains:check(dq.qname) or (dq.qtype ~= pdns.A and dq.qtype ~= pdns.AAAA)) then
                     return false


  dq:addAnswer(pdns.A, "")
return true

The thing is that this script only blocks and redirect the user if the site is an http domain, if its a https domain no block page is displayed though the site does not open

how do i improve the script so that the domain is blocked and redirected to the block page even if its a https site, some where on the internet it refered to set the code to nxdomain and  then redirect the request to the block page but i cant get the code right, some help will be much appreciated.

also currently I have redirected the block page to the IP "" can i also get the code to redirect to a domain name instead of an IP address?

Thanks you

Clifford Dsouza


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