[Pdns-users] "Consolidating DNS Masters while Maintaining Separate Slave Groups: Seeking Guidance

Otto Moerbeek otto at drijf.net
Thu Aug 31 18:18:58 UTC 2023

On Thu, Aug 31, 2023 at 01:49:26PM -0300, Alexander Varejão via Pdns-users wrote:

> Dears, I currently operate two primary DNS servers that send notifications
> to two distinct groups of secondary servers. My goal is to consolidate
> these primary servers into a single unit, while ensuring the integrity of
> my separate groups of secondary servers. How might I go about achieving
> this? For instance, when I update the domains xx.x and yy.y, I would like
> the first slave group to receive the AXFR for xx.x, while the second slave
> group receives the AXFR for yy.y. Regards

By default, notifies are sent by the primary to the nameserver mentioned
by the NS records of a domain. If these point to the right IPs for
each domain, things will work out allright.

If more IP(s) should be notified, you also can set ALSO-NOTIFY, which
is a per-domain meta data setting.


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