[Pdns-users] PowerDNS Authoritative Server 4.7.0

Florian Obser florian at narrans.de
Fri Oct 28 07:07:48 UTC 2022


On 2022-10-20 11:02 +02, Peter van Dijk via Pdns-users <pdns-users at mailman.powerdns.com> wrote:
> Please make sure to read the [3]Upgrade Notes before upgrading.

| The new Catalog Zones feature comes with a mandatory schema change for
| the gsql database backends. See files named
| 4.3.x_to_4.7.0_schema.X.sql for your database backend in our Git repo,
| tarball, or distro-specific documentation path.

Looks like https://downloads.powerdns.com/releases/pdns-4.7.0.tar.bz2
misses the 4.3.x_to_4.7.0_schema.X.sql files.


I'm not entirely sure you are real.

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