[Pdns-users] IPv6 PTR with gmysql backend

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Thu Oct 20 11:55:36 UTC 2022


surely this was answered before, but I did not found any answers to my question.

We do have PowerDNS with a gmysql backend. The goal is to get ipv6 PTR working. Lets asume we do have a 2001:db8::/48.

In the domains-table there is a record with name "" for the /48 and in the records-table is a record with name "" for a single ipv6 address.

dig -x 2001:db8::30 @ns.example.com gives me an empty result.

I saw an answer here on the list to use an asterisk ("*.") but this result was empty too.

Is there any documentation or hint on how to use ipv6 PTR with powerdns and the gmysql backend?

- Stefan

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