[Pdns-users] Missing tags in protobuf query messages

Djerk Geurts djerk at maizymoo.com
Thu Oct 13 12:28:29 UTC 2022

Hi all,

Working on a protobuf feed into Telegraf and I’m now noticing that no tags are set in the generated messages.

I’m on v4.9.0, I guess I could/should try stable, but thought I’d ask here first before downgrading.

The relevant bits of recursor.lua config:

-- DNS filtering via RPZ feeds
rpzPrimary("", "malware-bl.ioc2rpz", {
  extendedErrorCode=15, extendedErrorExtra="BlockListed: malware",
  tsigname=“****", tsigalgo="hmac-sha256",
  tags={ "test_tag1" }
-- RPZ query logging
protobufServer("", {
  exportTypes={'A', 'AAAA', 'CNAME', 'MX', 'NS', 'PTR', 'SPF', 'SRV', 'TXT'}

What I’m missing in the sent data is the policyName, according to the documentation setting this will add a tag with that value to the protobuf message. And adding tags should also add extra tags. However I see none and if I set taggedOnly to true then no protobuf messages are sent at all. So I’m certain that no tags are set.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?!

-- Djerk Geurts

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