[Pdns-users] What are the differences between PowerDNS Authoritative Server and Recursor?

Raghvendra Choudhary raghvendra.choudhary at digivalet.com
Tue Nov 22 12:18:46 UTC 2022

I am aware of basic networking.

But I am not aware of the powerDNS tool.

So I want to explore this tool . So anyone can help me how to use this tool
after installing the server and admin UI both.

I add the domain and the record through the admin UI.

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On Tue, Nov 22, 2022 at 5:39 PM Michael Hallager (personal) via Pdns-users <
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> On 2022-11-23 00:46, Raghvendra Choudhary wrote:
> > Hi Team,
> >
> > I installed the powerDNS server and PowerDNS admin in container and it
> > works fine. I also added the domain through the UI.
> >
> > Now i want to know how to resolve the DNS that present in the backend
> > of the powerDNS.
> This makes no sense. You sure you even want a DNS server? That's not a
> question I need an answer to btw.
> Also, we are not your "team". Many of us are industry professionals who
> help each other out but we should not be treated like your fellow
> employees or friends. Unless you want to cross our palms with silver,
> however, the fact you are here indicates the answer is not.
> Please consider your posts within the context and scope of this list. It
> is assumed anyone present here already has a good working knowledge of
> DNS fundamentals, networking and Linux.
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