[Pdns-users] DNS-over-TLS option

Michael Hallager michael at nettrust.nz
Mon Nov 14 22:36:44 UTC 2022

On 2022-11-14 19:29, Otto Moerbeek wrote:

> The upgrade guide has pointers, but in this case there's also a blog 
> post:
> https://blog.powerdns.com/2022/06/13/probing-dot-support-of-authoritative-servers-just-try-it/
> More detains in:
> https://docs.powerdns.com/recursor/settings.html#max-busy-dot-probes
> https://docs.powerdns.com/recursor/settings.html#dot-to-port-853
> https://docs.powerdns.com/recursor/settings.html#dot-to-auth-names

Thanks for this, Otto.

It also needs an authoritative server which supports TLS. I see an 
option for this at compile time for PowerDNS but no obvious mention in 
the documents.


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