[Pdns-users] control socket name in virtual instance

Mariano Absatz - el Baby pdns-baby at spm.ybab.net
Fri Jan 21 18:20:45 UTC 2022

Well, I'm replying to my own message 'cause gmail decided to 
intermittently block my forwarding mail server: I missed both Mark 
Moseley's and Thomas Mieslinger's replies and had to read them in the 

Thank you both for answering, however, none of the recommendations worked.

I think there _might_ be a bug or at least an inconsistency between 
pdns_server and pdns_control.

There is no (documented at least) way to control the socket *name*, 
either in pdns.conf, the command line arguments of pdns_server or the 
command line arguments of pdns_control.

pdns_server _always_ assumes the socket name is 
*pdns-INSTANCE_NAME.controlsocket* and pdns_control _always_ assumes the 
socket name is *pdns.controlsocket*.

Mariano Absatz - el Baby

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