[Pdns-users] How to make Authoritative work?

jrd-pdns at jrd.org jrd-pdns at jrd.org
Tue Jan 18 14:38:38 UTC 2022

. . . but when I query direct to the pdns, it also doesn't say it's
authoritative.  See previous mail.

I probably need to go back and re-read the DNS specs.  It's been years
since I was deep into this, but I don't remember that a recursor
always returns non-authoritative, even when wherever it got the answer
was authoritative.  Did that behaviour change somewhere along in

Assuming I'm simply mis-remembering how that's supposed to work,
what's the recipe for setting up a local (set of) server(s) which:
  .  Returns authoritative for some zones, for which it has local data
  .  Recurses to other servers for other zones

And for anything like that to work, I need my local pdns to beleive
it's authoritative, which it still doesn't seem to.

Any pointers to docs describing that configuration appreciated.

    From: Brian Candler <b.candler at pobox.com>
    Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2022 14:25:49 +0000
    On 18/01/2022 13:55, jrd-pdns at jrd.org wrote:
    > Oops.  Yes.  Port 53 has a pdns-recursor listening on it, which is
    > feeding requests to pdns.  Want the recursor config too?
    No need.  You asked why the response didn't have the AA flag set, and 
    the answer is because the response came from a recursor - it's as simple 
    as that.

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