[Pdns-users] Negative cache upon zone creation

Andrea Biscuola andrea.biscuola at host.it
Thu Feb 24 14:11:35 UTC 2022


In our PowerDNS setup, all of the PowerDNS authoritative server caches are turned off,
apart for the max-packet-cache-entries setting that is set to the default,
as the same service is given by a series of DNSDist daemons running on top of the
PowerDNS ones.

However, querying one of the PowerDNS servers directly for a zone that does not exists,
extends the negative response way after we created the zone. This affects some automated
systems, where the DNS servers are automatically changed a the registrar, causing the
registrar verification process to fail.

So, to recap:

1 - We query PowerDNS (NOT DNSDist) for a non existing zone.
2 - Correctly, PowerDNS responds that the zone does not exists.
3 - In the meantime we create the zone.
4 - PowerDNS continues to respond with a negative response after the zone is created.
5 - PowerDNS gives us the proper response, only after we stop querying it for some time.

Are we missing something? Or is it expected to work just like that? Then we could accomodate
our software for that.

Thank you.


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