[Pdns-users] ixfrdist and AA flag when querying for SOA record

GAVARRET, David david.gavarret at sfr.com
Wed Feb 23 13:56:15 UTC 2022


I would like to use ixfrdist in front of my pdns server in order to serve huge RPZ zone via IXFR (instead of AXFR) to some slave bind-based resolvers.
But it seems that ixfrdist does not set the 'AA' flag when answering to an SOA query. Unless I'm mistaken, this makes my slave servers believe ixfrdist is not authoritative for the RPZ zone and they don't want to transfer it.
If I directly put pdns in front of my slave servers, as the 'AA' flag is set on the first SOA answer, there is no problem for the transfer to be done.

Is it normal for ixfrdist, considering its main usage of zone transfer, that it does not handle the 'AA' flag the same way the backend pdns server acts ? Or am I not using ixfrdist like it should ?

Thanks in advance for your advices
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