[Pdns-users] PowerDNS problems with MySQL

Giorgio Lardone giorgio.lardone at consul.to
Fri Dec 30 10:54:54 UTC 2022


I have several powerdns servers installed, but only one is behaving 

The operating system is Debian 11 with the latest stable version of 
PowerDNS installed (4.7.3) and MySQL (MariaDB) backends.
The server has 2 CPU Cores and 4 GB RAM.

I see that when the DNS request load increases the server CPU goes to 
100% for the mysql and it remains so even for a few hours, without an 
apparent reason, since the DNS requests are very low (at most 500 
requests per second) and in any case the CPU usage never drops below 

I also tried to connect the server to an external database, but PowerDNS 
doesn't connect and it's not a permission or network problem, because 
trying a mysql connection from the terminal everything works perfectly.
I also tried installing another parallel test server (same datacenter, 
same network) and the external database connection works fine.

Do you have any idea why it behaves like this?

Thank you!



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