[Pdns-users] Question on ALIAS Records

Thomas thomas at plant.systems
Tue Oct 5 07:00:38 UTC 2021


We have switched lately to PowerDNS Authoritative Server and a Customer 
signaled a modified behaviour of PDNS regarding ALIAS Records.
He has multiple alias records with the same name pointing to different 
servers. The old DNS Server returned multiple A Records, as happends 
with multiple A Records with the same name. Now with PowerDNS it returns 
only the last entry it finds.

Here is a an example

admin2.somedomain     ALIAS server1.somedomain
admin2.somedomain     ALIAS server2.somedomain

The answer of PDNS is always the IP of server2.somedomain.
Can I correct this with a setting in PDNS?

Thanks for any hint,

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