[Pdns-users] gmysql deadlock

Thomas thomas at plant.systems
Wed Nov 24 09:38:58 UTC 2021


We are running pdns-4.5.1-1pdns.el8.x86_64 with MariaDB-server-10.4.21 
as backend. I am seeing regular messages in our pdns 4.5.2 regarding 
deadlocks in MySQL.

Exception: GSQLBackend unable to nullify ordername and update auth for 
ovpn.spotsystem.net for domain_id 17651: Could not execute mysql 
statement: update records set ordername=NULL,auth=? where domain_id=? 
and name=? and disabled=0: Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try 
restarting transaction

I have found the following bug report on Github: 
In the thread above is mentioned that setting|"default-api-rectify = no" 
resolves the deadlock if I did understand correctly.

What does 'api-rectify' do? And is it save to disable?


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