[Pdns-users] ODP: PDNS Recursor - force IPv6

Marcin Gondek drixter at e-utp.net
Tue Nov 16 09:58:17 UTC 2021

Hi All,

Correct, prioritize IPv6, fallback on timeout.
As far is now not possible now, do we have chance to add it in newer version?

Why this could be needed:
If case of CGNAT/NAT and so on, some people may have resolver on their homes.
They may have public IPv6 address but IPv4 shared which could be limited on nameservers side.


Marcin Gondek / Drixter

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Temat: Re: [Pdns-users] PDNS Recursor - force IPv6

On 16/11/2021 08:57, Otto Moerbeek wrote:

I set "query-local-address=,::" to allow the recursor to use both.

I think since 4.5 we do the right thing and *only* use v6 if you set query-local-address=::
But that has the consequence that a lot of (v4 only) nameservers become unreachable.

Ah yes: sorry I misunderstood the OPs requirement "force usage of IPv6".  They wanted something less strong: prioritise IPv6 (if both available).

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