[Pdns-users] Zone to Cache: url method support in powerdns repo package

Christoph cm at appliedprivacy.net
Tue Nov 9 23:31:20 UTC 2021

Otto Moerbeek via Pdns-users:
>       * A new Zone to Cache[1] function that will retrieve a zone (using
>         AXFR, HTTP, HTTPS or a local file) periodically and insert the
>         contents into the record cache, allowing the cache to be always hot
>         for a zone. This can be used for the root or any other zone.

Thank you for this feature!

just some testing feedback in case that is unexpected (with the example 
from the documentation):

msg="Unable to load zone into cache, will retry" subsystem="ztc" level=0 
ts="1636499834.251" exception="url method configured but libcurl not 
compiled in" refresh="60" zone="."

installed from your debian repo, version: 4.6.0~beta1-1pdns.bullseye

tested with axfr works fine:

msg="Loaded zone into cache" subsystem="ztc" level=0 ts="1636500281.758" 
refresh="86400" zone="."

Is it possible to specify more than one IP address for the axfr source?


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