[Pdns-users] Authoritative Master: no zonechange info with LMDB backend

Torsten Hantzsche t.hantzsche at hzdr.de
Mon Mar 29 10:42:57 UTC 2021


I would like to ask into the round if somebody got the
same effect too or if I do something completely wrong.

This came up as a proof-of-concept under lab conditions:

I set it up with the following:

- FreeBSD 12/stable
- powerdns-4.4.1 compiled from the ports collection w/ LMDB included

- in pdns.conf:

- the LMDB directory and files got the owner/group "pdns:pdns"

- pdnsutil create-zone check.prv ns1.check.prv
- pdnsutil set-meta check.prv ALLOW-AXFR-FROM AUTO-NS
- pdnsutil add-record check.prv @ ns ns2.check.prv
- pdnsutil add-record check.prv ns1 aaaa fd22::1
- pdnsutil add-record check.prv ns2 aaaa fd22::2
- pdnsutil set-kind check.prv master
- (on ns2.check.prv): pdnsutil create-slave-zone check.prv fd22::1
- pdnsutil increase-serial check.prv

What happens:

ns2 creates the slave zone and makes an AXFR. When the zone serial
is increased with "increase-serial", ns1 is not picking up the change
and does not notify ns2 (even after hours, saw nothing with tcpdump).
ns2 obeys the SOA Refresh variable and initiates the next AXFR after
one hour (also with LMDB backend and set "slave=yes").
(BTW: by changing the ns1-backend to SQLite3, this works flawlessly.)

I found the only show-stopper with "pdnsutils show-zone check.prv",
there it shows the line:

Last SOA serial number we notified: 0 != 2021032501 (serial in the database)

The Master process does not seem to get the change from the backend.
Did I overlook a configuration line or are there still some issues
with LMDB for such a scenario?



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