[Pdns-users] PDNS Authoritative and CNAME pointing to external Domain responds with NXDOMAIN

Thomas thomas at plant.systems
Tue Jun 22 15:33:12 UTC 2021

Am 22.06.2021 um 17:27 schrieb Brian Candler:
> On 22/06/2021 16:16, Thomas via Pdns-users wrote:
>> Thanks for the clarification, but this scares me. How can I have 
>> configured the server in a way it thinks it is authoritative for the 
>> entire Internet?
>> It should be authoritative for zur-sonne.it and the other 2500 
>> domains we have, sihosting.cloud is not part of the domains we host....
> Check your configs and database, see if you have a zone "" or "."
> As misconfigurations go, this isn't a very scary one.  You should 
> never be receiving queries at this nameserver for domains that you're 
> not authoritative for - that is, unless someone has wrongly pointed NS 
> records at this server.
> However it might trip you up if you point one of your *own* domains at 
> this server, but haven't yet added the zone, and some proportion of 
> queries which hit this server get an authoritative NXDOMAIN response, 
> which the user will see as "this site cannot be reached" or similar.

Checked the database as I too thought there must be a "" or "." zone as 
you have written, but there is none. Strange, but I will leave this as 
it is for the moment. Will look a little bit more into it the comming days.

Thanks for your help,

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