[Pdns-users] - also-notify global configuration parameter - unclear behavior

Angelo Colucci angelo.colucci at vianova.it
Tue Jul 27 20:18:43 UTC 2021


I'm configuring a new anycast dns authoritative infrastructure, composed by:

- two Hidden Master with PowerDNS 4.5.0 with MySql backend

- four Authoritative public nameserver (NSD 4.2.4/ Knot 3.0.8)

At the moment the two HMs are  configured as secondary in the pdns.conf, they download (via AXFR/IXFR) the zones from the old dns auth infrastructure and they update the four slave nameservers.

At the moment the slave nameservers don't announce yet the service ip address specified in the glue record.

Any changes on the zones on the old dns nameservers are correctly delivered to the HMs and then to the slave nameservers (thanks to secondary-do-renotify globally enabled and also-notify that specifies the unicast ip addresses of the four slave nameservers).

But In this scenario I'm experimenting an unclear behavior of the "also-notify"  configuration parameter in pdns.conf, when i modify/add a RR on a test zone that is master on the HMs.

In particular the test is the following:

- I add the domain example.com as master on the two HM, as slave on the four slave nameservers.

- I modify/add one RR on the example.com on the two HMs.

I'm expecting that all 4 nameservers will receive on their unicast-ip address the notification and they download via ixfr those changes (thanks to also-notify configuration parameter), but pdns on both HMs doesn't send any notification.

In this case I force the notification with the following command launched from one of the HM:

pdns_control notify example.com

Is it a normal behavior of also-notify or does it depends by the configuration of the HMs as secondary (so the notifications will be correctly generated  when I’ll reconfigure the HMs as primary)? Otherwise, what did I forget in the pdns.conf?

Thanks in advance for any help


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