[Pdns-users] bind backend zones not registered with zone cache

Christof Meerwald cmeerw at cmeerw.org
Tue Jul 27 17:21:08 UTC 2021


just upgraded to PowerDNS 4.5.1 today and noticed that zones from the
bind backend stopped working (getting REFUSED response).

Essentially, I am using


which contains the list of zones to load on start up.

When adding "zone-cache-refresh-interval=0" to the config it started
working again.

I then had a look at the bind backend source code and it looks like
zones are only registered with the zone cache when using
"bind-add-zone", but not for the zones loaded from "bind-config".

Did a bit of testing with "bind-config" commented out (and removing
"zone-cache-refresh-interval" again.

After adding a zone with

  pdns bind-add-zone example.com /etc/dns/example.com.dns

I could query that zone.

To me it seems there really is a call to "g_zoneCache.add" missing for
those zones added from the "bind-config" file. Can anyone confirm



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