[Pdns-users] Buiding powerdns container images with podman

Cheikh Dieng tekdieng at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 10:48:11 UTC 2021

For first the alias docker=podman doesn't work in shell script !
I have replace in the builder/buid.sh script ==> docker cmd by podman.
Is it the best thing to do ?
I'm using centos 8.3.

1st question:
How can i add new dns entry (ie new Server) for building new docker
images. What's the file I should use? for new entries before the buid
process ?

2nd question:
The buid with podman failed (./builder/build.sh -v centos-8-amd64)
due to error message:
configure.ac:10: installing 'build-aux/compile'
configure.ac:13: installing 'build-aux/config.guess'
configure.ac:13: installing 'build-aux/config.sub'
configure.ac:5: installing 'build-aux/install-sh'
configure.ac:5: installing 'build-aux/missing'
ext/ipcrypt/Makefile.am: installing 'build-aux/depcomp'
parallel-tests: installing 'build-aux/test-driver'
configure.ac:329: error: required file 'pdns/pdns.init.in' not found
autoreconf: automake failed with exit status: 1
STEP 21: FROM alpine:3.10 AS pdns-recursor
Error: error building at STEP "RUN
/pdns-authoritative/builder/helpers/set-configure-ac-version.sh &&
 autoreconf -v -i --force &&     ./configure --disable-lua-records
--disable-ixfrdist --wi                               thout-modules
--without-dynmodules --disable-dependency-tracking &&     make dist":
error while running runtime: exit status 1
ERROR: Build failed

Thanks for your help.

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