[Pdns-users] Implementing virtual domains

Daniel Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Mon Sep 28 17:05:27 UTC 2020

For two excellent reasons:

1. I didn't know they existed.
2. Now that I know they exist - I don't know how to use them.

I've enabled DNAME processing - now I need to understand how to setup 
the zone. Do replace the *entire* zone with just a DNAME record? Or do I 
need to retain any of the SOA, NS, MX records?


On 9/28/2020 1:06 AM, Robert Mortimer wrote:
> Obvious question any reason why you're not using DNAMEs?
> https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2672
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> Robm
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>> On 27/09/2020 21:08:37, Daniel Miller via Pdns-users 
>> <pdns-users at mailman.powerdns.com> wrote:
>> I have a number of domains that are simply duplicates of a base domain,
>> e.g. mydomain.com is the primary domain, and we also have mydomain.net
>> and mydomain.info.
>> I'd like to able to configure any/all records only in mydomain.com - and
>> have them "magically" propagated to the designated duplicate domains. I
>> don't believe this is something CNAME or ALIAS records would provide
>> for. But...maybe LUA would?
>> If I'm right - would I do this as a Lua backend, or with Lua records?
>> And preferably if I add new record to the primary domain I don't have to
>> add new Lua records to each of the others.
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