[Pdns-users] pdns recursor: forward-zones: load balancing and failover

Egor Fatyushin egor.fatyushin at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 17:32:29 UTC 2020

I have two authoritative DNS servers and I'd like to use them as two
replicas with the same set of records. Can I use 'forward-zones' for both
failover and load balancing features.

I mean, if I have /etc/pdns-recursor/recursor.conf like this:
Can I configure the pdns recursor somehow to ask
and in a round robin way?

BTW what is the default way to forward queries to multiple servers using
forward-zones? I was trying to find it out searching pdns' code but without
I thought pdns asks the second DNS if the first one doesn't reply, but if I
stop the first DNS service, pdns responds with cached IPs (in case of cache
hit) or with SERVFAIL (in case of cache miss). And I don't see any queries
in the second DNS logs as well.
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