[Pdns-users] Make DNS query from Lua hook?

Nejedlo, Mark Mark.Nejedlo at tdstelecom.com
Fri Nov 20 23:29:49 UTC 2020

In pdns_recursor Lua scripting, Is it possible to make a new DNS query from within a hook?  CNAME chain resolution is along the lines of what I want, but it won't work for my specific use case because I want to do some processing on the results of the second query before using them in the response to the original query.  UDP Query Response could be made to work, but I'd rather not have to run another daemon if I can help it.  I suppose UDP Query Response could be pointed back at the resolver, but generating a new properly formatted query message in wire format appears to be a non-trivial prospect.  Better to use something built in if it's available.

Yes, I realize that making the additional query will increase the load on my server, potentially substantially.  I also realize that care will need to be taken to avoid creating an infinite query loop.


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