[Pdns-users] What is best practice with Primary and Secondary (multiple) PowerDNS Servers?

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Wed Nov 18 04:56:27 UTC 2020

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> What is the accepted best practice with Primary and Secondary (multiple)
> PowerDNS Servers?
> Assume PowerDNS server is set up with a MySQL (or other) database
> back-end. With at least 2 servers each on different networks, should the
> master instance of PowerDNS and each slave instance query the same MySQL
> DB, or should each one have its own local MySQL DB?
My 2 cents: Don't know if it's best practice, but we run local dbs on all
replicas (and pretty sure that's very common). It's DNS, so it's nice to
avoid the extra latency of talking to a remote database, and for us, the
concurrency would be too high (we're web hosting, so it's a very random,
only mildly cacheable dataset). It's certainly extra administrative
overhead to run dbs on every replica, but you get horizontal scaling out of
the bargain. If you have a small dataset (i.e. very very high cache hit
rate, in which case you're hardly hitting the db), then a central db might
work for you. We run dnsdist in front of pdns auth too (love it btw). If
your dataset is smallish (again, very cacheable), you might even consider
running a bunch of frontend dnsdist instances talking to a small set of
pdns auth backends (or a frontend recursor, but I like dnsdist better), to
keep your mysql infrastructure smaller/tidier.

What does your DNS dataset look like? How many domains, how many records,
how many dns reqs/sec?
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