[Pdns-users] Subdomains and zones

Giovanni Vecchi g.vecchi at certego.net
Mon Mar 30 08:35:40 UTC 2020

Hi guys,

are there any best practices about subdomains in terms of zones and
record-set configuration?
At the moment I can image only 2 viable configuration:
- subdomain/zone pairs for each subdomain and record-set for hostname in
subdomain zone
- root zone only and record-sets containing subdomain for each host

For example:
- tld: good.beer.
- subdomains: a.lot.of.
- host FQDN: drink.a.lot.of.good.beer.

Case 1:
- good.beer zone is created
- of.good.beer zone is created
- lot.of.good.beer zone is created
- a.lot.of.good.beer zone is created
- record-sets for hosts are created in "a.lot.of.good.beer" zone and their
form is "drink"

Case 2:
- good.beer zone is created
- record-sets for hosts are created in good.beer and their form is

Thanks for your advices!

PS: Drink Responsibly


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