[Pdns-users] postresolve never gets rpz triggered requests

Dave Burkholder dave at thinkwelldesigns.com
Fri Jul 31 02:41:20 UTC 2020

I have a number of RPZs and want to log to file when an RPZ action 
fires. But the postresolve method doesn't have get the DNSQuestion.  
Here are some example log lines that don't fire an RPZ action:

Jul 30 22:32:27 system pdns_recursor[4789]: washington.voip.ms. prerpz
Jul 30 22:32:30 system pdns_recursor[4789]: washington.voip.ms. rcode is 2
Jul 30 22:33:13 system pdns_recursor[4789]: get-maps-bx.g.aaplimg.com. prerpz
Jul 30 22:33:13 system pdns_recursor[4789]: get-maps-bx.g.aaplimg.com. rcode is 0

And here are lines that trigger an RPZ action. As you can see, the 
postresolve function never gets fired.

Jul 30 22:36:12 system pdns_recursor[4789]: evidaac.com. prerpz / rcode 0
Jul 30 22:36:17 system pdns_recursor[4789]: num.to. prerpz / rcode 0

Here's my RPZ definition:

rpzFile("/path/to/phishtank-online-verified/zone.conf", {defpol=Policy.Custom, defcontent="fishtank.local.blockpage.server", policyName='FishTank'})

And here's the lua script:

function prerpz(dq)
   pdnslog(dq.qname:toString() .. ' prerpz')
   return false

function postresolve(dq)
   pdnslog(dq.qname:toString() .. " " .. dq.remoteaddr:toString() .. " rcode is " .. dq.rcode, pdns.loglevels.All)
   return false

Any ideas how I can configure my lua scripts to log when an RPZ action 

Much obliged!


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