[Pdns-users] dynamic update requires sub-domain?

Ruben d'Arco cyclops+pdns at prof-x.net
Sun Jul 26 18:32:50 UTC 2020


Can you please share your dhcp configuration? It is likely that it has net.example.com as the zone.
This means that it will send a update dns request for that zone and pdns would look for this zone.

Please also read https://www.powerdns.com/opensource.html as i'm quite sure you don't own the example.com domain.

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On Sun, Jul 26, 2020 at 11:25:20AM -0700, Mike via Pdns-users wrote:
> Hello,
>     I am running powerdns 4.2.2 and I am working on getting dynamic
> updates to happen.
>     I have a zone 'example.com' and my dhcp server can send updates for
> 'test.example.com' with a tsig key and it works as expected.
>     When I send updates from the same machine and same config for
> 'test.net.example.com' however, it doesn't work. The server complains:
> UPDATE (44044) from xxx for net.example.com: Remote not listed in
> allow-dnsupdate-from or domainmetadata. Sending REFUSED
>     I  do not have a 'net.example.com' domain configured. Im expecting
> the server to just put these names into 'example.com', dots and all, and
> be done with it. I suppose I could solve this by pre-creating
> 'net.example.com' and such, but I wanted to check and see if this is
> expected behavior. It just seems that if I send an update for any name
> to the server that it outta find the best matching domain and use the
> rules for that. I can edit the zone itself and put
> 'test.net.example.com' in without trouble.
> Thanks.
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