[Pdns-users] gmysql

Alex Trevisol alex.trevisol at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 23:16:18 UTC 2020

Hi guys,
I have an error on the authoritative server I tried some things but nothing
substantial follows error, Distributor caught fatal exception: Unable to
launch gmysql connection: Unable to connect to database: Can't connect to
local MySQL server through socket '/ var / run / mysqld / mysqld.sock '(2),
gmysql configuration was pointing to localhost, I changed it to
according to the pdns manual, I don't know if that was exactly the problem,
today I checked the logs and no longer had an error message. even though
this DNS error was apparently working, the only thing we noticed was that
the reverse of the IPs was not correct on sites like speedtest, what would
be the impact on pdns without accessing mysql? does this impact on the
reverse of the ip blocks?
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