[Pdns-users] Weird wildcard behavior

Gencer W. Genç gencer at gencgiyen.com
Sat Feb 8 22:29:25 UTC 2020

Update: I have redefined all records i think i made a mistake on some
records. However, I still get infinite wildcard issues.


So, this record:


*.test.mydomain.com IN A


Responds on:


another.sub.domain.level.test.mydomain.com ->

I want to limit it two one level of wildcard subdomain.


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Subject: [Pdns-users] Weird wildcard behavior


I am trying to add wildcard support for a domain like:


*.mydomain.com IN A


I expect these results:


one.mydomain.com ->

two.mydomain.com ->


However, This is also work for:


one.one.mydomain.com ->


As you can see, "one.one" is a two level subdomain. I only match single
level subdomain and return as So for two level domains or three
level and goes on I expect this:


Expected Result:


one.one.mydomain.com -> NXDOMAIN

one.two.three.one.mydomain.com -> NXDOMAIN 


Actual Result:


one.one.mydomain.com ->

one.two.three.one.mydomain.com ->


=================== EXAMPLES ===================



*.mydomain.com IN A

*.one.mydomain.com IN A

*.two.mydomain.com IN A


BIND Behavior:


test.mydomain.com ->

test.one.mydomain.com ->

test.two.mydomain.com -> 

hello.test.two.mydomain.com -> NXDOMAIN



PowerDNS Behavior: 


test.mydomain.com ->

test.one.mydomain.com -> 

test.two.mydomain.com ->

hello.test.two.mydomain.com ->


=================== EXAMPLES ===================



How can i get the BIND result as i expected on PowerDNS? Is this behavior
intentional? How c an i restrict wildcards to one level only?





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