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Hello Brian,

Thanks for last reply :)
I'd like to track domain requests on both NS, just to see if queries still
arrive on both DNS servers.
An idea about a tool ? I've seen rec_control can do it, except there's not
enough documentation on it, have you already installed it?

Thank you in advance


Le mer. 4 sept. 2019 à 12:14, seddik alaoui ismaili <
seddikalaouiismaili at gmail.com> a écrit :

> Many thanks brian
> Regards
> Le mer. 4 sept. 2019 à 12:02, Brian Candler <b.candler at pobox.com> a
> écrit :
>> On 04/09/2019 10:50, seddik alaoui ismaili wrote:
>> If we disable the MOMO.COM on DNS serveur firstly, there will be an
>> impact for the other domains we will migrate after ?
>> First, you create MOMO.COM on route53, with identical zone contents.
>> Then you change the registrar to point to route53's nameservers.
>> Then you wait for at least 48 hours.  At this point, no queries for *.
>> MOMO.COM (including NS1.MOMO.COM/NS2.MOMO.COM) should be arriving at
>> your nameservers.
>> Then you could delete MOMO.COM from our own nameservers if you wish - or
>> you can just leave it there, it doesn't matter.
>> At this point, any other domains which use NS1/2.MOMO.COM will still be
>> working as before.  They will still be delegated to NS1/2.MOMO.COM.  DNS
>> lookups to resolve NS1/2.MOMO.COM to A/AAAA records will still work -
>> those lookups will be querying route53's nameservers.  But the actual
>> queries for those other domains will still arrive at NS1/2.MOMO.COM
>> The important thing is: when you create the MOMO.COM domain on route53,
>> don't change the contents.  Most importantly, leave NS1/2.MOMO.COM
>> pointing to your existing powerDNS servers - since your other domains
>> depend on being able to resolve NS1/2.MOMO.COM.
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