[Pdns-users] rec_control dump-nsspeeds

Otto Moerbeek otto at drijf.net
Thu Sep 5 13:37:02 UTC 2019

On Thu, Sep 05, 2019 at 02:34:40PM +0200, Thomas Mieslinger wrote:

> Hi,
> can someone help me interpret the result of rec_control dump-nsspeeds?
> ns2.infonline.de ->
> What is the unit of the value after the /? I assume it is the latency.
> With the above example it could be ms. But with this example:
> e.dns.id ->
> the unit could also be micro seconds.

The unit is microseconds, but it is a decaying moving average with
penalties applied in some cases, so it does reflect the actual
response times per se.


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