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Hello team,

I would like to write to you about my scenario, which is as follows,
I have two DNS servers (powerdns) whose names are NS1.MOMO.COM and
NS2.MOMO.COM, the main domain name is MOMO.COM is a domain purchased from a
provider and I modified the DNS configuration by setting NS1 and NS2 as DNS
servers of the domai, and set the GLUE for ns1 and ns2 with the ips of both
For an urgent need we decided to migrate the DNS to AWS (more precisely on
route53), and for that we will have to configure the MOMO.COM zone on
route53, so far everything is fine, except that the NS records will change
of course.
So the work that has been done is that we have:
1- created the MOMO.COM zone on route53
2- changed the NS at the supplier's (registrar) to NS of aws
3- created two DNS records for GLUE in the MOMO.Com zone, they are records
of type A, NS1.MOMO.COM IN "IP_ADDR" and NS2.MOMO.COM IN "IP_ADDR", so that
both NS respond anyway.
So far the changes are UP and all subdomains of MOMO.COM respond well, for
example (external.MOMO.COM, internal.MOMO.COM), and the DNS changes are
4- and after we have deleted the GLUE records from supplier's (registrar) .

The purpose of this migration is also to migrate the others domains that
are managed by the same NS (NS1 and NS2).
The question is the following, if we start by disabling the MOMO.COM zone
on powerdns and deleting the A (GLUE) records on route53, there will be an
impact for the other domains we will migrate after? Is it a good idea to do
it before moving the other zones?
Then for each domain that will move, we will delete the NS and create the
zone on route53

Thank you for your answer and feedback

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