[Pdns-users] how to handle a subdomain

hanns at hannsmattes.de hanns at hannsmattes.de
Thu May 23 14:29:46 UTC 2019


after nearly a decade I had to upgrade my server, which is located at

The Jump from Opensuse 11.4 to OS 15 went quite smooth, so did the
upgrade from an ancient pdns-version. I simply had to upgrade the
configuration and delete all recursion-related statements. Since then,
ns1.bruecko.de is (ldap backend) serving my domains as excepted.

What used to work and doesn't anymore:

There is a Sub-Domain list.bruecko.de under bruecko.de (to use with
mailman, btw.). Worked before. This is now leading to a servfail - lame
server resolving. As far as I understand, this might be related to the
handling of recursion.

I've found some scenarios in the documentation, but being a dns-idiot I
don't know, which one applies.

How do I configure pdns (and/or powerdns-recursor and/or dnsdist and
whatever) to achieve the "old" behaviour.

Any hint appreciated

Thanks in advance


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