[Pdns-users] pdns-recursor delegate some queries to another recursor

Tobi <jahlives@gmx.ch> jahlives at gmx.ch
Mon May 20 15:13:59 UTC 2019

Hi Frank

sorry I'm quite new to dnsdist :-)

I thought that a rule like this could work

> newServer({address='XX.YY.ZZ.ZZ:53', pool='remote'})
> addAction({"IP1", "IP2"}, PoolAction('remote'))

IP1 and IP2 are the IP addresses of the two authorative nameservers for
the zone in my tests. XX.YY.ZZ.ZZ is the IP of recursor B
I thought the rule above would send any dns paket that go to IP1 or IP2
via the other recursor.

But if I tcpdump on recursor B I cannot see the request pakets from
recursor A coming in.

Any idea what I'm missing?

Thanks a lot



Am 20.05.19 um 16:04 schrieb frank+pdns--- via Pdns-users:
>> wonder if the following is possible somehow with pdns-recursor. Our main
>> recursor A sometimes has problems talking to some auth servers. In the
>> same time another recursor B in our network still can talk to such an
>> auth server.
>> So we wonder if we could somehow send queries for such auth servers via
>> the other recursor. The decission to send queries to the other box is
>> based on the IP address of the auth server. The idea is to route such
>> queries from recursor A to recursor B while all other queries from
>> recursor A should still be sent without recursor B.
>> Is something like that possible in pdns-rescursor or do we have to use a
>> tool like dnsdist?
> Hi Tobi,
> I recommend using dnsdist for this use-case! Sending traffic to backend dns servers is what dnsdist is made for!
> Frank Louwers
> Certified PowerDNS Consultant @ Kiwazo.be
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