[Pdns-users] pdns-recursor delegate some queries to another recursor

Tobi <jahlives@gmx.ch> jahlives at gmx.ch
Mon May 20 13:47:00 UTC 2019

Hi list

wonder if the following is possible somehow with pdns-recursor. Our main
recursor A sometimes has problems talking to some auth servers. In the
same time another recursor B in our network still can talk to such an
auth server.

So we wonder if we could somehow send queries for such auth servers via
the other recursor. The decission to send queries to the other box is
based on the IP address of the auth server. The idea is to route such
queries from recursor A to recursor B while all other queries from
recursor A should still be sent without recursor B.

Is something like that possible in pdns-rescursor or do we have to use a
tool like dnsdist?



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